Complaints Handling Policy

Who may lodge a complaint under this system?
You may lodge a complaint if you have been supplied, or been offered supply of, any Montefiore products.


What type of complaints can be made under this system?
Complaints may be made about any aspect of Montefiore products, Montefiore packaging, or Montefiore advertising and marketing of its products.

In particular, any complaint concerning an alleged contravention of the Australian Consumer Law by Montefiore may be lodged under this system.


How are complaints to be lodged under this system?
Complaints may be lodged by telephone, email or in writing, using the contact details below:

Telephone: (03) 9495 5200

Email: [email protected]

In writing to: The Complaints Officer, Turi Foods Pty Ltd, 5 Lipton Drive, Thomastown VIC 3074


What information must be provided?
To enable us to properly address your complaint, please provide us with as much detail as possible and be specific about both:

  • the subject matter of your complaint (product, packaging or advertising or marketing); and
  • the nature of your complaint.

For example:

  • If your complaint relates to any Montefiore product, please include a precise description of the product, where you purchased it or saw it, the price you paid for it and, in the case of pre-packaged products, the size (by volume or weight) of the package and precise details of your complaint about the product.
  • If your complaint relates to Montefiore packaging, please include the product information above and precise details of your complaint about the packaging.
  • If your complaint relates to Montefiore advertising or marketing materials, please indicate the type of advertising or marketing material (television advertisement, radio advertisement, internet advertisement, poster, truck signage etc), when and where you encountered the advertising and marketing material, and precise details of your complaint about the materials.


When will we respond to you?
We will briefly acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 1 business day of receiving it.

We will then aim to address your complaint and respond to you as quickly as possible.  Precise timing will depend on a number of factors but especially the nature of your complaint and the amount of information you provided to us.  As you can imagine, it is possible to properly address some complaints quickly while others may require considerable investigation and the involvement of technical staff.

If we are not able to respond to you within 14 days of acknowledging receipt of your complaint, we will get back to you with an indication of the date by which we expect to be able to respond to your complaint.